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What is Community Supervision?

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Adult Probation, Community Supervision, Criminal Defense

Were you recently arrested for a crime in the Greater Dallas Area? If so, there is a strong possibility that you may get what’s called Community Supervision, which is like “probation” in other states. If a judge decides to place you on supervision, it means you’ll be supervised by the Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department.

While being on Adult Probation or “Community Supervision” is definitely favorable over being incarcerated, it’s not easy. When you’re placed under supervision, you must follow strict rules and guidelines. Depending on the facts of your case, the court may order you to attend treatment meetings and perform community service.

Advantages of Community Supervision

Community Supervision is not “easy” by any means, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t distinct advantages. For starters, one of the biggest advantages is the fact that you aren’t behind bars. Instead, you can keep working at your job, and you can stay home with your family where you belong. For many offenders, if they closely follow all of the terms of their probation, they may be eligible for early release, or they may qualify to have their records sealed.

If you are placed on Adult Probation (Community Supervision), it will be up to you to adhere to the terms of your probation – no one can force you to comply. If you have any questions or if you have doubts about
your ability to stick to the terms of your probation, your Probation Officer (PO) will be available to help you through your issues. You can also contact a criminal defense attorney if you have further questions that your PO can’t answer.

Note: Always be aware that if you violate any one or more of the terms of your probation, the judge could make a negative decision, which could impact your freedom and your future.

Basic terms of probation in Dallas County:

  • Do not violate any state or federal laws.
  • Report to your PO as ordered by the court.
  • Do not abuse alcohol or other drugs.
  • Do not visit any bars or nightclubs.
  • Support your dependents.
  • Perform community service as ordered by the court.
  • Pay all court-ordered fines and fees.
  • Attend drug education programs and group counseling as directed by the courts.

While being placed on probation is no fun, it’s far better than going to prison. If you violate a term of your probation, what do you do? Contact our firm to speak with our Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney, Peter Barrett in person. You do not want to take a chance – your probation could be revoked and you could be incarcerated. Call today to get started!