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Verdicts and Settlements

Practicing since 1994 with the sole focus of providing first-rate representation to persons accused of Federal & Texas criminal law violations. Barrett is former President of the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, 2005. Clientele includes everyone from ordinary working people to students, corporate CEOs, Directors, Athletes, business people, fellow lawyers, doctors and law enforcement officers. I have represented many persons charged with drug trafficking in State and Federal Court throughout the United States, Mexico, Central & South America.

Barrett provides full-service criminal defense and compassionately handles cases at every step from investigation, jail release, consultation, strategic advocacy, and trial when necessary. Barrett takes a results-oriented approach designed to maximize chances for the best outcome. He routinely familiarizes himself with his clients’ background, as well as the facts surrounding their cases. He frequently associates top investigators, forensic specialists, psychologists and other experts. This approach often results in cases being resolved without charges, charges being refused by the grand jury, outright dismissal of charges and verdicts of ‘Not Guilty.’

Some of my Significant Verdicts:

Client charged with Murder which began as a road rage incident. Victim and his son followed my Client back to his house. Client slashed the throat of the deceased in self-defense. Not Guilty verdict.

Army veteran who was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault against his three children. Children all testified that Client sexually molested them over a period of years. After a week-long trial, Client found Not Guilty of all charges.

Murder charge against Client who fatally stabbed her husband to death. Client acquitted of Murder and found guilty of lesser offense of Aggravated Assault instead.

Represented a lawyer accused of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child against his daughters. Despite Judge making terrible rulings in favor of the prosecution, Client acquitted on all charges at close of trial.

Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon charges which was a road rage case where my Client intentionally struck another vehicle multiple times according to the Complainant. During break, Judge told a fellow lawyer that Client, “was going to the penitentiary.”  Verdict of Not Guilty.

Once represented a German Shepherd named Zappa, through his owners, who owned a tire shop in Dallas. A female customer came onto the premises and Zappa jumped up and bit her in her breast which had been augmented. She later sued claiming that the owners were liable for her injuries. I was able to get the case against Zappa dismissed. The woman was deflated.