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Facing fraud charges in Texas

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Fraud

It is possible to commit a crime without knowing it. For example, perhaps a friend offers you a pill for pain relief, and you assume they bought it over the counter. If it turns out that the medication was a prescription written for the other person, then technically a crime has occurred because it is illegal to distribute prescription medication to anyone other than the person for whom a licensed Texas physician prescribed it.

There are several types of fraud, many of which are common in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. It pays to learn more about the topic to avoid falling victim to a scam, but also to keep from becoming subject to an investigation or getting arrested and facing fraud charges.

Identity theft is a common type of fraud

In Dallas and beyond, one of the most common types of fraud is identity theft. It is unlawful to use another person’s information, such as a driver’s license, ID card, Social Security number or bank account numbers to obtain a service, earn a profit or for any other personal gain. To convict you of identity theft, a prosecutor must demonstrate that you knowingly obtained and willfully used another person’s information in an unlawful manner.

Immigration fraud

There are several ways to commit fraud within the U.S. immigration system. If, for instance, you were to marry someone just so he or she could qualify for a green card, this would constitute fraud. Claiming to be able to expedite the immigration process for payment is also a form of immigration fraud. If you have emigrated to Texas from another country and are a suspect of immigration fraud, you might be at risk of deportation.

Various payment scams

Other common types of fraud include scams where people are convinced to hand over money for a supposed service or investment, or other circumstances, such as after being told that a loved one is in urgent need. Sometimes, these types of financial fraud have a connection to threats. The court considers such crimes as extortion.

If you become a subject in a fraud investigation, it is critical to know you rights and to exercise them as needed, such as by invoking your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent under interrogation if you have not been afforded the opportunity to seek legal counsel. Facing fraud charges in Texas does not necessarily mean you will also face conviction. Building a strong defense is the key to achieving a positive outcome in court.