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When money obtained from an illegal source – such as drug trafficking or any criminal activity – is concealed or disguised to make it appear like it is from a legitimate source, this crime is known as money laundering. Criminal enterprises commonly use “front” businesses to not only seem lawful but also create a new “paper trail,” so the funds collected from criminal activity can be used for general purchases. While money laundering can be charged as a state crime, it is also considered a federal offense if it involves interstate commerce or the revenue involves multiple states or countries.

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Federal Money Laundering Laws And Penalties

To prove federal money laundering charges, the prosecution must show that the defendant concealed money in order to disguise or hide the source, ownership, location, nature or control of the funds by converting it through a legal source and making false representations about the criminal proceeds. Additionally, the profits must be derived from some criminal activity prior to being laundered.

Common crimes involving money laundering include:

Federal money laundering is punishable by imprisonment in a federal institution for up to 20 years. Another violation carries a maximum prison term of 10 years since the length of the sentence depends on the amount of funds laundered through a business.

Keep in mind, rarely is a person charged with only a money laundering offense. They are often accused of other offenses, such as any of the crimes mentioned above.

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