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  • Can I Be Deported for a DWI?
    Can I Be Deported for a DWI?

    Are you in the United States on a visa? Or, are you a lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder) who is living and working in the US? Either way, you may be wondering if a conviction for driving ...

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  • Marijuana Penalties in Dallas
    Marijuana Penalties in Dallas

    You’ve probably heard all the buzz about marijuana being decriminalized in states, such as California, Nevada, and Colorado, but in Texas, the drug is still very much illegal. And, if you drive to ...

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  • Can I Be Deported for DWI?
    Can I Be Deported for DWI?

    Texas has a significant immigrant population, and every day immigrants are faced with deportation issues. If you are a lawful permanent resident (a Green Card holder), and you were recently arrested ...

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