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Probation is a delicate matter. When a judge grants probation to someone convicted of a crime, they do so with the expectation of strict obedience to their terms. If a person is alleged to have violated those terms, they could be sent back to prison without much of a trial.

When you’re in a bind, let Peter Barrett act quickly on your behalf. With more than 25 years of experience handling probation violations and other criminal matters, and he has the knowledge and skill necessary to personally represent you and help you arrive at the best possible outcome.

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What Happens if I Violate My Probation in Texas?

If your probation officer believes you have violated your probation in some way, several things will happen:

  1. You will receive a warning from your probation officer or you will be notified that you must make an appearance in court
  2. You will attend a probation hearing
  3. A judge will hear your case—including arguments from you and the prosecutor—and decide whether you have violated your probation

If the judge determines that you have violated your probation, you will receive your sentence after the probation hearing is over. This could include extended probation, additional restrictions during your probation, jail time, forceful return to prison, fines, and more.

What Are the Consequences of Violating Probation in Texas?

If you are sentenced after your probation hearing, the judge presiding over your case may decide to:

  • Terminate your probation and send you back to jail or prison
  • Require you to undergo rehabilitation
  • Order you to perform community service
  • Force you to pay thousands of dollars in fines
  • Force you to provide financial compensation to any victims involved
  • Reinstate the terms of your original punishment

Should I Get an Attorney if I Violate My Probation?

Absolutely. Even if you have violated your probation, your penalties are not necessarily set in stone. By bringing a skilled advocate with you into court, you improve your likelihood or obtaining a lesser sentence.

What Are My Rights During Probation Hearings?

Most importantly, you have the right to representation. You also have a right to have your case heard in court by a judge who is able to evaluate your case with objectivity. In addition, you are entitled to receive written notice of the alleged violations with which you are being charged, as well as the opportunity to tell your side of the story by presenting evidence, calling witnesses, etc.

What Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

Other criminal defense attorneys will charge you an arm and a leg for things you don’t need, but Peter Barrett creates a tailored payment arrangement for every client. There are no fixed fees and no unnecessary expenses, so you never pay more than you have to. In addition to providing customized rates, Peter Barrett provides attentive, personalized service on every case, without exception.

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What Sets Peter Barrett Apart?

  • Full-Service Criminal Defense Firm

    Our team exclusively handles criminal defense matters and we will handle every aspect of your case in-house. 

  • Tailored Representation

    You work directly with our attorney who personalizes each case based on a client’s individual needs.

  • Legal Guidance for Trials

    Often our cases do not result in a trial. However, if trial is in the best interest of our client, Attorney Barrett has handled over 100 jury trials in state and federal courts.

  • The Resources to Defend You

    Should your case have to go to trial, our firm can associate a team forensic accountants, investigators, and other experts to ensure we're providing you with the most thorough representation.

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