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Arrest Warrants vs. Bench Warrants in Dallas

Are you concerned that there’s a warrant out for your arrest in the Greater Dallas Area? If so, perhaps the police have been busy investigating you for a crime and they are finally ready to press charges. Perhaps you violated a condition of your probation. Or, perhaps you failed to show up for a scheduled court appearance. If any of the above applies, you may have every reason to be “looking over your shoulder.”

Will you be arrested while dropping your child off at school, or while you’re at work? If there is a warrant out for your arrest, these scenarios are possible. Let’s take a closer look at the two main types of warrants: standard arrest warrants and bench warrants.

Standard Arrest Warrants are initiated by police investigations. In these scenarios, first a crime is committed, then the police, and later detectives, investigate the crime. Once the detectives have done their due diligence, they may get hot on the trail of a viable suspect. Once detectives gather sufficient evidence, they’ll bring the case to the prosecutor and try and convince the prosecutor to press charges.

If the prosecutor thinks the detectives have enough evidence, he or she will move to have an arrest warrant issued against the suspect. Once the person is arrested, he or she is officially “charged” with a crime.

Bench Warrants are initiated by a judge, not the police or detectives. Usually, a judge issues a bench warrant after a criminal defendant failed to show up for a scheduled court appearance. Essentially, the defendant was not on the bench when they were supposed to be, so the judge issues a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

The major difference between arrest warrants and bench warrants is how they are initiated. Aside from that, once they’ve been issued, they have the same functions. In both types of warrants, the police will seek to arrest the person named on the warrant and they will bring him or her before the judge. Often, law enforcement will go to great lengths to arrest someone listed on a warrant, even if it means arresting them while they’re sleeping soundly in their beds at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning.

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