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Sexual assault is a very serious allegation that can result in a lifetime of penalties and a permanent damage to your reputation. Attorney Peter Barrett fights to protect your rights. While sexual assault of a child has a stigma of being a brutal, non-consensual act of forcing of a child into sexual acts, this is not often the case.

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Texas' sexual assault laws state that engaging in sexual acts with a minor under the age of 17 constitutes this crime. This leaves significant room for variability case to case in the specific circumstances that may have occurred. Our experienced Dallas sex crime lawyer works to unearth the facts in each situation in order to create a defense that always keeps your rights in mind.

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What Should I Do if I’ve Been Accused?

If you are contacted by police in regards to sexual assault accusations, it is imperative that you retain seasoned counsel to protect your rights and best interests during this difficult and challenging time.

Having an attorney on your side can help you:

  • Protect yourself from self-incrimination
  • Protect your property from unconstitutional searches and seizures
  • Examine the evidence against you
  • Plan a solid defense to help avoid serious consequences

Police interrogations can be incredibly coercive and deceptive, but an experienced attorney may be able to see through this and advise you on what or what not to say in order to uphold your best interests. Under no circumstances should you be answering questions asked by police without an attorney present.

What Are My Options?

If the accused is no more than three years older than the minor, does not have a prior conviction for a sexual offense, and if the alleged victim is older than 14, age is a legitimate defense in the eyes of the court. It is important to understand that an allegation does not mean that you will automatically be considered guilty! You have legal options.

As a Dallas criminal defense attorney, Peter Barrett takes the time to review your case and present a number of options that help you understand the courses of action that can be taken in your situation. Choices are empowering and can give an individual more control in a situation, which is what our legal team strives for in every client we handle for our clients.

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