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Individuals who have been convicted of a crime have the opportunity to appeal their case to a higher court in the hopes of receiving a dismissal, a re-trial, or the possibility of re-sentencing. In order to successfully be granted an appeal, the defendant must prove that legal mistakes were made that directly contributed to the outcome of the trial.

If you feel that your sentence was unfairly reached due to such circumstances, Attorney Peter Barrett can help you fight for the justice that your case deserves. Our legal experience is rooted in more than 20 years of service in the North Texas area. Our Dallas criminal defense lawyer has a reputation as an aggressive and hard-working advocate for his clients.

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The Texas Appeals Process

The Texas appeals court does not consider any new evidence in your case, but rather focuses exclusively on the proceedings of the lower court. This consists of everything recorded on the court reporter's transcript, including statements made by the judge, jury, prosecutor, witnesses, and anyone else who participated in the trial's proceedings. Any evidence that was submitted during the trial is reviewed as well. The court also considers the briefs filed by each side. A brief may be used to explain why the legal process was incorrect in the case.

Attorney Peter Barrett can help you file your appeal by utilizing his vast amount of legal knowledge in numerous areas of criminal defense and appellate law. When you hire him, he works diligently to present you with as many options as possible. As a criminal defense attorney serving all of Dallas, Attorney Barrett makes sure to provide his clients with the respect and courtesy they deserve as he guides them through the complex and often overwhelming appeals process.

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